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French Therapist Near Me - Lea Schupak
Lea Schupak New York, NY
Adult, Grief, Anxiety
6 months licensed
(917) 300-8254
Je travaille avec les adultes, les couples, ainsi que les enfants. Avec les enfants, je travaille principalement sur l'anxiété, la régulation émotionnelle et comportementale, le deuil, et les compétences socio-affectives. Ayant vécu dans 4 pays différents, je comprends bien les soucis uniques de la communauté internationale à New York (choc de cultures, etc).
French Therapists Near Me - Elena Covo
Elena Covo New York, NY
Marriage Counseling, Eating Disorder, Anxiety
2 years licensed
(518) 992-6966
Je suis Psychologue de formation, avec une experience clinique en France et aux Etats-Unis. Expatriée depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis touchée par les problèmes reliés à l'expatriation, comme la différence culturelle, les pertes de repères, ou encore un chamboulement dans les relations sociales. Je pense qu'il est important de pouvoir trouver une écoute et un soutient dans sa langue maternelle, c'est pourquoi je propose aux francophones une thérapie en Français. De formation Psychanalytique, je propose un travail approfondi, où ensemble, nous explorons les maux du passé pour mieux vous comprendre dans le présent et faire des choix cohérents pour le futur. Je propose des thérapies individuelles, du coaching, ainsi que des thérapies de couple. I was born in Paris, France, where I became a Clinical Psychologist. I later graduated as a Marriage Family Therapist in San Francisco, where I expanded my expertise. I originally trained as a Psychodynamic clinician to help clients learn to identify and address underlying root causes of their current struggles. I strongly believe that understanding and processing emotions from the past can alleviate current symptoms that clients may now be dealing with. As a depth-oriented therapist, I find it powerful to help people understand where they come from and gain insight into their own life decisions.
French Therapist Near Me - Carine M. Diverlus
Carine M. Diverlus Oakville, Ontario
2 years licensed
(437) 371-8817
Having experienced for years, the detrimental aspects of not seeing mental health professionals who look like me, I decided to put in the work to be the change I needed to see. My dedication to providing mental health services is intentional not only in upholding the importance of representation, but predominantly in hopes that I can help break down barriers, so all individuals, especially people of colour, may feel seen, heard, and cared for. My passion and role as a therapist is to help clients in overcoming the barriers preventing them from feeling like their best selves. This is often directly correlated to their relationships to themselves, others, and the outside world. Because of these barriers, individuals often neglect to recognize their own strengths, and are not allowed a space of vulnerability and care, which is usually when situations become heightened, overwhelming, and seemingly too much to bear. I believe in strength-based approaches to healing. We are the masters of our own healing, and I am there to help guide. Within this, I hope to help you feel empowered as you find your strength, to heal from life’s overwhelming situations, so you may find growth in yourself.

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